Welcome to The Dream City
Serena del Mar is a new master planned city in Cartagena, Colombia, only 15 minutes from the city’s Historic Center. Here you will find housing projects for every lifestyle and budget.
The Dream City’s development plans span residential, cultural, retail, healthcare, education, recreation, hospitality, commercial, and infrastructure projects.

Serena del Mar is a reality today in Cartagena, Colombia.

Serena del Mar offers a variety of housing options ranging from single family homes to senior living for a range of budgets, generations and lifestyles, including urban and suburban apartments, beachfront houses and condos, as well as single-family and multifamily residential units ranging from low-income to luxury, student housing, and retirement communities.

Country Club and 18-hole golf course

+ 18 miles of running trails and bike paths

1.5 miles of beaches

Parks and natural areas

10 miles of navigable canals

Retail and comercial spaces

Discover our housing projects

Serena del Mar’s housing projects

$ 90.041


Starting at $ 90.041

With open spaces for a modern lifestyle with the comfort your family desires. Over 48,437 Sq Ft of common areas for every family member. Apartments from 793 Sq Ft from US $ 90,041 Varenna Varenna, a residential Project by the developers Cicon and Emma ConstructoraA modern project with all the amenities that the family needs […]

From 793 sq ft
793 sq ft


Starting at $ 59.049

Modern apartments located in the heart of Serena del Mar Apartments from 452 ft2 to 861 ft2 starting at US$ 59,049 *The rates are in US Dollars. Approximate value using an exchange rate of COP$3,600. Prices may vary. Torrechiara Torrechiara, a new development by Amarilo. Torrechiara is a project located in the heart of Serena […]

From 452 sq ft
452 sq ft

$ 64.210


Starting at $ 64.210

Design to live different at the right price.Apartments from 493 Ft2 hasta 1,564 Ft2 from US $64,210 Trevi Trevi, a residential project by the development company Prodesa. A new proyect with amazing amanities and an innovative architecture. The project has 3 rectangular towers and 4 oval-shaped towers with a total of 262 units. The project […]

From 493 sq ft
493 sq ft

Morros Eos
$ 168.121

Morros Eos

Starting at $ 168.121

Beachfront living with beautiful natural spaces Units from 796 ft2 to 2,949.3 ft2* from US $ 168,121* *The rates are in US Dollars. Approximate value using an exchange rate of COP$3,600. Prices may vary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpzdrsSAPU8 Morros Eos Morros Eos, a new development by Epic and Novus Civitas. A condo surrounded by a lush natural environment […]

From 796 sq ft
796 sq ft 3 hab

Grupo Daer
$ 57.500

Grupo Daer

Starting at $ 57.500

Grupo DEARApartamentos desde 56.5m² a 88m²

From 632 sq ft
632 sq ft 1 hab

$ 74.993


Starting at $ 74.993

A place to realize your dreams Apartments from 836ft2 to 1,607 ft2 starting from US$87,914* *The rates are in US Dollars. Approximate value using an exchange rate of COP$3,600. Prices may vary. https://youtu.be/tbPKZqG3FIQ Castelo Castelo, a residential project by the development company, Prodesa. A new and exciting project in Serena del Mar with modern and […]

From 484 sq ft
484 sq ft 1 hab

$ 100.000


Starting at $ 100.000

Apartments from 54m² to 144m²

From 786 sq ft
786 sq ft 3 hab

Mejia y Villegas

Starting at $ 120.000

Apartments from 68m² to 93.5m²

From 820 sq ft
820 sq ft 1 hab

$ 127.467


Starting at $ 127.467

Flexible apartments just steps from the Grand Canal and the Marina. Apartments from 958 ft2. to 2,422 ft2 starting at US$ 127,467* *The rates are in US Dollars. Approximate value using an exchange rate of COP$3,600. Prices may vary. } Cavana Cavana, a new development by Amarilo. Enjoy breathtaking views from your balcony and take […]

From 958 sq ft
958 sq ft 3 hab

$ 271.667


Starting at $ 271.667

ATIAApartments from 83m² from 142m²

From 1173 sq ft
1173 sq ft 1 hab

Morros Zoe
$ 195.991

Morros Zoe

Starting at $ 195.991

Apartments from 58m² to 217m²

From 904 sq ft
904 sq ft 1 hab

Arias Serna Saravia

Starting at $ 611.421

Houses with private docks from 305m² to 549m²

From 15789 sq ft
15789 sq ft 3 hab

Serena del Mar’s institutional projects

Explore each image to learn more about Serena del Mar and our institutional projects.
Universidad de los Andes Sede Caribe
University of the Andes – Caribbean Campus
Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar
Serena del Mar Hospital Center – Operated by the Santa Fe of Bogotá Foundation
Serena del Mar playas
Grand Decameron Serena del Mar Hotel
Serena del Mar’s Location
Where are we located? Fourteen minutes from Historic Central Cartagena, 10 minutes from the Rafael Nuñez Airport, and 26 minutes from the Mamonal Industrial Zone. The 8 km marker on the Via al mar highway, Colombia.

If you are interested in Serena del Mar and want to know more details and explore your investment options, submit your information and we will get in touch. Or explore other housing projects in Serena del Mar.