Welcome to Mi Comunidad Serena del Mar

A community of optimists, dreamers and pragmatists, made up of citizens who understand the importance of solidarity, in which its members guarantee the collective well-being, protection and maintenance of The Dream City.

Once you become a member of Mi Comunidad, you commit to contribute to maintain and care for the common areas received from the developer of Serena del Mar.

This model and the benefits that it represents to its members, are some of the characteristics that distinguishes Serena del Mar.

We care for the common areas

We ensure the common areas remain clean and we use them properly

Respect the community guidelines

We ensure compliance with the guidelines, design to guarantee the well-being of residents and visitors.

Preserve Serena del Mar in prime conditions

Contribute to the maintenance and care of the common areas, as well as the buildings ’facades

Properly enjoy the bodies of wáter

We look after the ecosystems, avoiding throwing waste or carrying out activities that are not allowed

Comply with the sound regulation

We keep sound levels moderate and avoid noise pollution

We respect the fauna and flora

We take care of, respect and coexist in harmony with the natural environment