Novus Civitas
The development company Novus Civitas was created to ensure that the Serena del Mar master plan is developed in line with the development’s philosophy of inclusiveness, environmental friendliness, and quality of life. Novus Civitas is the master developer of Serena del Mar, based in Cartagena, spearheaded by Rafael Simón del Castillo. In addition to overseeing the Serena del Mar master plan, Novus Civitas is the lead developer of the Hospital Serena del Mar, the University of Los Andes building, the Celsia utilities partnership, as well as infrastructure and landscaping.
Our Team

Novus Civitas has partnered with world-class designers and architects, as well as leading investment funds, including The Banca Multilateral, the Banca Comercial, and other well-known real estate sector investors and private investors.

Haime Gutt

Serena Del Mar CEO

Daniel Haime, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, is the visionary behind Serena del Mar. Drawing on his family’s entrepreneurial legacy and commitment to Colombia, Daniel recognized the need for an ambitious project that could meet the evolving needs of the region, and he set out to develop Serena del Mar.

Rafael Simón
del Castillo

President of Novus Civitas

Rafael serves as President of Novus Civitas and manages the daily operations of the development company. Rafael has led projects in many industries in Cartagena, and is recognized as a leader in real estate development, particularly specializing in new sustainable construction and urban expansion.

Our Partners
Serena del Mar has partnered with world renowned consultants in urban planning, architecture, landscaping, engineering, and more.
Urban planning, engineering and architecture
Brandon Haw
(Leitersdorf Haw)

Designer of the Serena del Mar Corporate Center, home to the University of Los Andes Sede Caribe.

Robert Trent Jones II
(Trent Jones)

Designer of Serena del Mar’s 18-hole Golf Course

Ignacio Bunster
(Wallace Roberts & Todd)

Sustainable urban design auditors

Marco Larrea
(Edsa Inc)

Serena del Mar urban planner and landscaper

MARIO NORIEGA-serena del mar
Mario Noriega
(Mario Noriega & Asociados)

Serena del Mar master plan designer

MOSHE SAFDIE-serena del mar
Moshe Safdie
(Safdie Architecs)

Designer of the master plan for Serena del Mars urban corridor, the Grand Canal and the Serena del Mar Central Hospital.

ESTEBAN BIONDI-serena del mar
Esteban Biondi
(Applied Technology & Management, Inc.)

Engineering consultants for coastal, environmental, marine and water resources

Richard Simón-serena del mar
Richard Simón
(Applied Wayfinding)

Designer of the vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding system of Serena del Mar.

Construction firms
Logo Amarilo
Amarilo is a Colombian real estate development company and the leader in sales, management, and construction. Established in 1993, Amarilo has developed real estate projects, trade projects, as well as large-scale mixed use projects dedicated to commercial offices and educational institutions all over Colombia.
Arias Serna Saravia is a Colombian real estate company that develops high end pioneering projects. Throughout their 40 year history they have assembled a portfolio of the most distinctive and innovative luxury developments. Their ethos consists of creating balanced spaces that respect the natural surroundings and the environment.
Attia is a real estate development and management firm developing unparalleled residential and lifestyle projects in Colombia that include unique amenities, services and visionary design. Attia specializes in developing disruptive developments working alongside award-winning and visionary architects, designers and general contractors.

Epic Design + Construction has over 29 years of experience in the development of commercial and residential projects in various sectors of Cartagena de Indias.

Daer Group gathers a conglomerate of companies founded by three Cartagena brothers who, since 2014, decided to gather their expertise in the construction and management of large projects to develop different real estate projects, based on 4 fundamental pillars: Innovation, Quality, Value Generation and Community Development.
Mejia Villegas is a Colombian-based real estate firm dedicated to customer satisfaction and the profitable and sustainable growth of their business. Their work is conducted in harmony with the interests of government, workers, suppliers, subcontractors and society.
Prodesa is a company with 25 years of experience. They have operations in Bogotá, Barranquilla and Miami and have taken a leadership position in subsidized and low income housing in Colombia. The company has expanded to all types of residences including high-end, offices and commercial projects with almost 32,000 m2 in housing and commercial units delivered.
Cicon Inmobiliaria is a company from Cartagena dedicated to develop real estate projects, including promotion, management, construction and commercialization. Through its unique design and innovation, Cicon builds spaces that go beyond their clients’ expectations.

Conaltura with over 31 years of experience, Colnatura is a private company dedicated to the development of real estate projects, from their conception to delivery focused on the satisfaction of its clients. Sustainability is part of its corporate essence and by 2023, all the projects it develops integrally will be sustainable. Thanks to this commitment to sustainability, it is now one of the 13 new companies in the construction sector to obtain the “EDGE Champion” recognition in Latin America.

Colpatria is a company with over 45 years of experience in Colombia, and 10 years of international operations in Mexico and Peru. The company has a wide portfolio of projects in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, Ibagué, Cartagena, and Montería. Colpatria structures and develops construction projects in three different business lines: residential, infrastructure, and third-party construction, which represent diversification in products and services within the construction sector. Its philosophy is to help build the country and the dreams of thousands of customers: where it has built more than 3,000,000 m2 and delivered more than 45,000 homes.
MB Gerencia y Construcciones

MB Gerencia y Construcciones is a holding company with 25 years of experience in the construction sector, managing real estate projects in the city of Cartagena.
It has more than 15,000 housing units in sales, construction, and delivery stages.
The company’s main objective is to help build homes with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing the permanent satisfaction of customers.
To date, they are leaders in residential construction in the city.


Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar
Hospital Serena del Mar
El Hospital Serena del mar began its gradual opening in January 2021 and started operation of its first phase in in April. The medical center offers hospitalization, pediatric and adults intensive care units, surgery,  consultations, clinical lab and pathology, cardiology, endoscopy and diagnostic imaging such as X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, echography, Mammography, Densitometry, Tomography, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. It also offers advanced radiotherapy and chemotherapy techniques through the Cancer Institute.
Universidad de los Andes – Caribbean Campus
The University of Los Andes opened the doors of its Caribbean campus in Serena del Mar to be able to contribute to the development and growth of the city of Cartagena and the Caribbean region, through continuing education and executive and graduate programs of the highest international standards.
Universidad de los Andes
The Decameron Group is launching its new premium all-inclusive resort concept, Grand Decameron, in Serena del Mar, Cartagena. The 400-key Grand Decameron Serena del Mar, Cartagena will offer travelers the opportunity to cherish the splendor of Cartagena’s northern coast in the seclusion of a lush and tropical premium all-inclusive beach escape, with direct access to the serene Caribbean Sea, vast beaches, spectacular sunset views, meandering pools, a spa, personalized service, abundant activities, outdoor recreation, and diverse culinary delights—just moments from the history, commerce, culture, and night life of Cartagena’s walled city.