This is an unprecedented environmental engineering project in Cartagena which will improve the water quality of the Juan Polo Swamp.

Where is this project taking place?

North of the Ciénaga de la Virgen, in the Ciénaga de Juan Polo.

What does the project consist of?

We will reopen a natural mouth like many that previously existed in the area and that have been closed due to human activities, preventing the exchange of water between the sea and the swamp. 

Why do we want to reopen this mouth?

Currently, the Juan Polo Swamp is practically stagnant. It presents high levels of salinity and temperature that prevent its proper oxygenation and affect the development of its ecosystem.

*Scientific newsletter CIOH No 26

What are the benefits of carrying out this work?

At an environmental level, improving the condition of the water body will also enhance the provision of ecosystem services and contribute to the preservation of our city’s hydrological resources.

At a social level, it allows for improving the quality of life of the communities on the shores of the swamp, recovering their ancestral customs and cultural identity through activities such as fishing and ecotourism; as well as their maritime connectivity between villages.

For Serena del Mar, this carefully designed project will allow the connection of the swamp to the internal artificial water bodies, generating a blue corridor for water mobility.

What works does the project include?

  • Mouth or connection channel
  • One-way lock system
  • Spur
  • Navigable channels
  • Drawbridge
  • Docks for mooring boats

At Serena del Mar, we want to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle system to generate quality of life for inhabitants, visitors, and communities of influence

Impact Figures by 2024

Fundacion Serena del Mar

101 scholarships awarded and 40 young people graduated.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

75 certified courses.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

178 people training in technical and technological careers focused on the areas of health, administration, construction, and the environment.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

More than 1,689 jobs generated by 2022 for members of the communities in the Serena del Mar.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

20 entrepreneurs registered with Serena del Mar to provide services.

More than 70 entrepreneurs linked to the Entrepreneurship Plan for the support of revolving loans.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

390 families linked to the Early Childhood Development Center in its Family and Institutional modality.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

120 young people linked to our artistic and leadership initiatives.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

More than 6,000 people from the communities have benefited from 17 health days.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

120 Older Adults served through weekly peer-to-peer relationship, memory rescue, and time management activities.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

17 cleaning and Al Natural days with the participation of more than 1,000 volunteers from Serena del Mar and allies.

366 native trees planted in different days, including timber, fruit, and native trees.

154 people linked to the Verde Vivo program among teachers and students of 4 educational institutions.

Fundacion Serena del Mar

More benefits for the Ciénega Juan Polo and surrounding communities

The project has the environmental license approval from Cardique and the UGM concessions for DIMAR. Since 2013, we have carried out the prior consultations for the project planning with the communities of Manzanillo del Mar, Villa Gloria, and Tierra Baja, with which agreements were reached on employment, education, and infrastructure that would allow them to generate development for their territories. 26,000 mangroves have already been planted in the vicinity of the water bodies within Serena del Mar, out of a total of 42,000 tree individuals of 32 species in the project, and during 2024, we will plant 70,000 more.

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Sede Tierra Baja: vereda Tierra Baja, calle 6 #11-48

Punto de Atención Villa Gloria: Calle del colegio


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