The Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar

The Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar was designed by world-renowned architect, Moshe Safdie and will be operated by Colombia’s premier hospital operator, the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogota. The first phase of the hospital will opens with 151 beds, The hospital will be one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the, offering services in orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, oncology, pediatrics, minimally invasive surgery, gastroenterology, obstetrics, among others.

The hospital will be the first hospital in Latin America to be fully equipped by General Electric (GE) and will serve as the only GE training facility in the region. The hopsital has also partnered with Hospital for Special Surgery — a leading U.S. hospital for orthopedics and rheumatology to provide specialist knowledge, training, best practice protocols and access to diagnostic support that will help ensure the highest possible standards of clinical quality and experience for patients from Central and South America.

The Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar will also serve as a teaching hospital, providing internship programs to students from Colombia’s leading university—the Universidad de Los Andes—as well as students from partnering international institutions and universities.

The hospital will aim for LEED Gold certification.