Welcome to the Dreamed City

On the coast of northern Cartagena, Serena del Mar is a masterplanned city, designed by the world’s leading urban planners, architects, and landscapers; located in the most promising area for urban development. It is a bold response to the needs of Cartagena, and a mindful reaction to the composition of its natural surroundings generating a toughtful balance between urban development and ample recreational and green space.

This new development brings together a deeply celebrated culture, breathtaking geographic beauty and global innovation; providing the region through a wealth of residential, recreational, institutional, healthcare, commerical, and hospitality developments. It is created for all citizens, balancing the forward-thinking and the traditional, the advanced and the authentic, the progressive and the pure.

Serena del Mar marks a new dawn on Cartagena’s bright horizon.

Quality of Life

With best-in-class housing, education, healthcare and job opportunities, we provide our current residents and future generations the ability to live their best life. Our recreation, entertainment and other amenities merge the beauty of nature with modern day comfort, all while raising the bar of standard of living.


We’re fostering and protecting a lush and diverse eco-system of beaches, lagoons, and mangroves in Serena del Mar. With the support of designers like WRT, EDSA, and organizations like Paisajes del Mar Nursery and the Ecoprogreso Foundation, we are creating a harmonious integration with nature. 75% of Serena del Mar’s land has been designated to remain green eco-friendly land.

For Everyone

We think of people as the starting point, and our city is balanced on all social fronts. Career opportunities and housing options span all aspirations and income levels. Since its conception, it has been developed with with awareness of its neighboring communities: Manzanillo del Mar, Villa Gloria and Tierra Baja.

The city has been planned in such a way that its diverse inhabitants will be able to flourish economicaly, educationaly, in health and in recreation by bringing unprecedented opportunities in the region.

  • serena-environment-icon 75% of the land will remain green

  • serena-environment-icon 100% of trees and vegetation for landscaping is grown on site

  • serena-forall-icon Our city is built to cultivate citizens across all of life's stages.



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