Development Vision

In building a world-class city that fully caters to the highest quality of life for its citizens and visitors, our development plans span residential, entertainment, hospitality, commercial, institutional and infrastructure projects. To bring our vision to fruition, we’ve partnered with the foremost experts across industries. Several projects have broken ground and many more are rapidly gaining momentum.

Commercial & Retail


Residents will enjoy exceptional views of the Serena del Mar coastal lagoons, Caribbean Sea, Cartagena skyline, golf course and the city’s wide breadth of greenery. Housing options will exist for life’s many phases, including starter apartments, first homes, and move-up residences while offering unparalleled amenities for its residents.

  • Multigenerational housing options across all income levels
  • Single-family beachfront homes
  • Beachfront apartments
  • Golf course residential villas
  • Multi-family residential units
  • Exceptional amenties including swimming pools, golf course, parks, tennis courts, beach clubs, and spas
  • Breathtaking views of lagoons, the Caribbean Sea, and the Cartagena skyline
  • Networked navigable waterways
  • Gated communities
  • Transportation services
  • Safe running and biking paths connecting communities


From secluded beachside resorts and luxury boutique lodges to business focused hotels immersed within the bustling Gran Canal district, we are developing tourism accommodations that cater to a broad spectrum of guest experiences while partnering with internationally recognized names in hospitality. In addition to our resort and hotel developments, Serena del Mar will be home to world-class culinary, cultural, and entertainment offerings for both our visitors and residents to enjoy.

  • 5 unique hotel properties
  • Beach Club
  • Diverse culinary offerings
  • Cultural venues

Corporate and Retail

We are laying the groundwork for a robust and diverse commercial presence with retail centers, convention centers, and corporate office space. With more than 150,000 m^2 (1,614,586.5 ft^2) of Class A office space, businesses in Serena del Mar can thrive.  Retail offerings include fantastic dining, waterfront marina shops, pedestrian streets, a state of the art shopping mall, and villas focused on arts and crafts. Serena del Mar will offer its residents the best shopping options for their everyday needs and exciting destination retail stores.

  • Includes a Medical Free-Trade Zone
  • Minutes from the Rafael Nuñez International Airport and FBO
  • Easy access to Cartagena’s industrial area and the city of Baranquilla
  • Office spaces designed by world leading architects
  • Highest quality fiber optics and data connection
  • Quality retail destinations


We are developing recreation options for all ages and tastes in Serena del Mar. While some will enjoy a world-class golf experience from our naturally landscaped Robert Trent Jones II golf course, the Serena del Mar Beach Club will offer families, teens, and kids a beautiful outdoor venue with a restaurant and amenties to enjoy long days by the sea. Tennis players, sailors and their families can congregate and mingle at our Tennis Club and Yacht Club. In addition to the private members clubs, Serena del Mar will offer all its residents and visitors safe scenic running trails, a network of bike paths, parks, and navigable internal lagoons for waterfront enjoyment.

  • Robert Trent Jones II designed golf course
  • Serena del Mar Beach Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Yacht Club
  • 35.27 km (about 22 miles) bike paths
  • 1.62 km (a little over 1 mile) beaches
  • 18 holes of golf
  • 30 km (about 18.6 miles) scenic running trails
  • Parks


Serena del Mar is being designed and built to support a superior quality of life for decades to come. This involves not only preserving green space for future generations with environmentally integrated design and planning, but also actively supporting our citizens’ growth. Additionally, the residents and visitors of Serena del Mar will benefit from quality utilities including fiberoptics to the home, advanced plumbing systems with residual water treatment, quality gas and underground electrical coverage. Serena del Mar’s roadways are designed to be friendly to multi-modal transportation and the city will offer the first public transportation terminal in the north of Cartagena.

  • Security monitoring and response network
  • Expertly designed wayfinding system
  • Dedicated utilites services
  • New Transportation Terminal and highway infrastructure
  • 75% green areas
  • Landscaped roadway system with generous sidewalks
  • Healthcare network


In Serena del Mar we put the needs of our visitors and residents first by providing the best solutions to the elements required for a greater quality of life. This includes safety, health, and education, all of which have been carefully considered and addressed in the development plan. In keeping with our belief in a balanced lifestyle, religious centers will be available for multiple denominations. Our Fundación Serena del Mar works with lower-income families, providing education and support to children while helping adults plan for their futures.

  • Access to primary through higher education
  • Fundación Serena del Mar to facilitate the growth and development of neighbor communities
  • Religious centers
  • Joint Commission International accredited hospital
  • Protected by a dedicated special forces security unit


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