Corporate and Retail


Serena del Mar is developing the infrastructure to establish a solid and diverse commercial presence in the region. With areas destined for commerce and corporate buildings, the project will be an ideal place for entepreneurial development. The project will offer shopping districts, restaurant areas, malls and art and design villages.

The most prestigious university in Colombia has chosen to be part of Serena del Mar, developing their first satelite location with an initial academic offering that will include post-graduate and executive education for thousands of Colombian and international students. 

Corporate Offices
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Universidad de Los Andes

The building has a total of 14,097 m^2 (about 151,739 ft^2) of floor space and will contain banking and commercial premises, two flexible-use floors, and be home to the corporate offices of Serena del Mar. Universidad de Los Andes will open it´s first campus outside of Bogotá, to cater the growing student population of the Caribbean, Central America, and abroad. 

  • Banking
  • Corporate offices
  • Health services
  • Higher education programs
  • Food venues
  • Bioclimatic design
  • World-class architecture
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Commercial Areas
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