Colombia, an epicenter of the Americas

Situated beside both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, and connecting South and Central America, Colombia is an epicenter of global trade and industry. Its steadily growing economy has put the country on the map as one of South America’s most favorable regions for domestic and foreign investment. The country’s population and geography are among the most diverse in the world.

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    • In the top-10 fastest-growing tourism markets worldwide
    • 260% increase in tourism since 2002.
    • Free-trade agreements with the US and a dozen other countries.
    • Founding member of Pacific Alliance.
    • 48.3 million inhabitants – 2nd largest population in Latin America
    • Most qualified workforce in LatAm according to IMD
    • 2nd largest hispanic population
    • 3rd-largest economy in Latin America
    • 4th-largest coal exporter globally
    • 4th-largest oil exporter in Latin America
    • A “megadiverse” country home to 10% of the planet’s biodiversity
    • Stable projected growth and macroeconomic environment

Cartagena, Colombia’s coastal gem

Considered the heart of the Caribbean, Cartagena is located on Colombia’s northern Caribbean coast. Its walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the strongest economies in the country. The city’s rich history, geographic beauty, and sophisticated cultural offerings draw visitors and businesses from all corners of the world. Cartagena is the main tourism and logistics hub in Colombia and home to some of the world’s busiest ports and industrial zones.

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    • UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • No. 1 tourist destination in Colombia
    • 5th Largest city in Colombia
    • No. 1 commercial port in Colombia
    • Most productive industrial sector in the Caribbean
    • No. 1 exporter and producer of petrochemicals in Colombia
    • Direct connections to 5 international cities: Panama, Miami, Toronto, Fort Lauderdale and New York City (coming soon: Atlanta)
    • 300 weekly direct flights
    • 1.07 million inhabitants

Serena del Mar, a new horizon

Spanning 1,000 hectares just 12km from downtown Cartagena, Serena del Mar is composed of stretches of coastline, picturesque mangroves, and lush hillsides. While preserving and integrating with the pristine geography, this is where new, world-class offerings across healthcare, education, tourism, real estate, and more are coming to life. The opportunity that Serena del Mar represents is the first of its kind in the region for residents and visitors alike.

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    • 12km, 14 minutes to the Old City of Cartagena
    • 6 km, 10 minutes from Rafael Nuñez Airport
    • Private schools located 4.4km north
    • Residential offerings for all income levels
    • Los Andes University School of Management Extension program
    • 18 hole Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course
    • 30 km of scenic running paths
    • 75% of total land remaining green
    • 1.62 km of beaches
    • 822 marina boat-slips
    • Special Forces Marines Battalion
    • 409 hospital beds in JCI-accredited and LEED-designed Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar

Colombia, an epicenter of the Americas

Americas map

Cartagena, Colombia’s coastal gem

Cartagena map

Serena del Mar, a new horizon

Serena del mar map


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