Serena del Mar is built on three pillars:

Quality of Life

With best-in-class housing, education, healthcare and job opportunities, we provide our current residents and future generations the ability to live their best life. Our recreation, entertainment and other amenities merge the beauty of nature with modern day comfort, all while raising the bar of standard of living.


We’re fostering and protecting a lush and diverse eco-system of beaches, lagoons, and mangroves in Serena del Mar. With the support of designers like WRT and EDSA and organizations like Paisajes del Mar Nursery and the Ecoprogreso Foundation, we’re creating a harmonious integration with nature.

For Everyone

We think of people as the starting point, and our city is balanced on all social fronts. Career opportunities and housing options span all aspirations and income levels.


Negocios y comercio

  • First satellite campus for Universidad de Los Andes.
  • Approximately ____ ft^2 of office space on the first floor, ideal for the development of both local and international businesses.
  • Business opportunities and job creation in the numerous commerce locations, such as restaurants, banks, and hotels.
  • Approximately 140,000 m^2 (about 1,506,947.5 ft^2) in commercial zones.

Estilo de vida vibrante

  • Public recreation areas, cultural and entertainment spaces.
  • Parks, children’s play areas and games, a beach club, marinas, golf courses, malls, pedestrian streets, and restaurants.
  • Services for both marina and nautical recreation, 16 km (just under 10 miles) of navegable canals, and  1.62 km (a little over 1 mile) of beaches.
  • 30 km (about 18.6 miles) of sidewalks to walk or run on.
  • 35 km (about 21.7 miles) of bike lanes.
  • 18 hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II.

La salud, una prioridad

  • Hospital with 409 beds and an area of approximately 70,0000 m2 (about 750,470 ft2). The hospital will be run by the Santa Fe Foundation of Bogotá in partnership with the Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation.
  • Urban infrastructure with large/expansive open spaces for the residents of the city.
  • Promotion of sports through specially designed parks, marinas, sports clubs, bike paths and sidewalks.
  • Day clinics for the neighboring communities through the Serena del Mar Foundation


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