Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of Serena del Mar. Fundación Serena del Mar is committed to the same fundamental values that drive the dreamed city: quality of life, environmental friendliness, and social inclusion.

In keeping with these values, Serena del Mar engaged the neighboring towns of Manzanillo del Mar, Tierra Baja and Villa Gloria—all Afro-descendant communities organized by councils— to co-create agreements before the city-planning phase. The end result was a document, the “consulta priva,” that established the communities’ desires for Serena del Mar, and was notarized on May 27th, 2014. In order to comply with the terms set fourth in the agreements, the Fundación Serena del Mar is dedicated to creating sustainable programs that promote education, health, environmental protection, culture, recreation, entrepreneurship, and income generation for community members. In addition to these programs, the Fundación Serena del Mar is committed to maintaining an open, strong, and friendly relationship with its neighbors and their leaders.

“Our mission is to continue to improve quality of life, social inclusion, and the environment, while working to develop and cultivate the skills and capabilities of the members of Serena del Mar’s neighboring communities.”

Our Programs

The programs conducted between the Serena del Mar Foundation and the communities of Manzanillo del Mar, Tierra Baja y Villa Gloria include:

Education and Training Program

Based on the education and employment-training needs that the communities outlined in the consulta previa, the Fundación Serena del Mar works with local communities to identify areas for improving education and job training, and to work towards fulfillment based on opportunities within Serena del Mar and in the nearby region. The Fundación also provides firsthand tools and programs for community members to advance in their education, and to train for various employment opportunities, such as technical careers.

Culture Program

We value the importance of cultural preservation throughout Serena del Mar’s neighboring communities, and promote the cultivation of a continued sense of community. By providing the necessary resources for the construction of the “Pescando Sueños” park within the nearby town Tierra Baja, we were able to encourage community members to explore their cultural roots and traditions through the park’s design, while providing support for improved recreational and religious facilities.

Environmental Program

As a city committed to upholding its responsibilities to the environment, Serena del Mar partners with Fundación Serena del Mar in continuous preservation and conservation efforts. The Fundación Serena del Mar identifies current and future opportunities for Serena del Mar to improve its environmental sustainability, and works with neighboring communities to assure that the integrity of the region’s natural landscape remains celebrated and intact.

Employment Program

Local community participation and integration in each phase of Serena del Mar’s development is of the utmost importance. The Fundación Serena del Mar is developing job training and career-oriented education programs to ensure that the local workforce of neighboring community members is well equipped to take on leadership and employment roles throughout Serena del Mar.

Health Program

We understand that health is at the forefront of quality of life, and education about practices and prevention is the first step to living healthfully. The Fundación Serena del Mar provides proactive, accessible education on the latest health standards and practices, as well as continued support at the local-level in order to promote sustainable wellness throughout our neighboring communities.



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